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Usefull Commands

Below are some useful commands for setting up and running JupyterHub

kill configurable-http-proxy

ps aux | grep configurable-http-proxy
kill ####                


sudo service nginx stop
sudo service nginx start
sudo service nginx restart
nginx -t

Shutdown and restart server

sudo shutdown -r now

Start JupyterHub with sudo (need to do this to allow other users to logon)

sudo /home/peter/anaconda3/bin/jupyterhub

Start jupyterhub as service, will run continuously

sudo systemctl start jupyterhub
sudo systemctl <start|stop|status> jupyterhub

Add environmental variables:

$ export OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=xxxxxxxxxxx

change the systemctl start jupyterhub configurations

if changes are made to /etc/systemd/system/jupyterhub.service need to reload:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start jupyterhub

Similar to the above but with a couple changes. Assuming you're using /opt/anaconda3/jupyterhub for your configs, save this as /etc/systemd/system/jupyterhub.service


ExecStart=/opt/anaconda3/bin/jupyterhub -f /etc/jupyterhub/