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Welcome to the JupyterHub Deployment Docs for ENGR101 2019Q1

This documentation serves as a record of the JupyterHub Deployment for ENGR101 Winter 2019 at Portland Community College.

The GitHub repo for the deployment can be found here:

Click the menu items on the left to view the deployment steps.

Or start Here and click the arrows at the bottom of each page.

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The documentation site for a previous JupyterHub deployment can be found here

There is also a series of blog posts that documents my first JupyterHub deployment in Summer 2018.

This documentation builds upon the experience from my two previous JupyterHub depoloyments.

Main Steps

  • Install PuTTY, generate SSH keys
  • Create server, non-root sudo user
  • Install JupyterHub and Python packages
  • Aquire and link domain name to server
  • Aquire SSL cirt
  • Create Cooke Secret, Proxy Auth Token, and dhparam.pem
  • Install and configure Nginx
  • Configure JupyterHub
  • JupyterHub as system service
  • Google Authentication
  • Create custom login page
  • Pull assignments down from GitHub for each user
  • Extra configuration